Korda Studios:

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Korda Studios located only 30 kilometers from Budapest is one of the most modern and best-equipped Hungarian studios. The studio complex was opened in 2007, and includes 6 sound-proof studios fulfilling every claim.

Studio no. 6 is almost 6000 square meter large, which makes it worldwide unique; and studio no. 1 has a 100 square-meter water tank.

Quality work is supported by a 7000 square-meter warehouse and workshop area, an almost 3000 square-meter of production accommodations, 15 hectares of empty backlot space and 10 hectares of backlot sets.

Movies made here: Hellboy II, World without End, The Borgias, Houdini, The Martian, Season of the Witch



Origo Studios:

Origo Studios (formally known as Raleigh Studios) is another fully-equipped Hungarian movie production complex which is one of the biggest movie studios in Europe. It was opened in 2010, and includes 8 1200-4400 square-meter facilities.

The studios are easily approachable, they are located a 15-20-minute drive from the city center of Budapest, within the borders of the capital. It has several 10-20-meter high halls without any columns, the rooms are air-conditioned, heatable and sound-proof.

The 17.5-ha area provides everything needed for a high-quality result.

Movies made here: 47 Ronin, Hercules



Stern Studios:

Stern Studios located 10 kilometers from Budapest has been luring foreign productions to Hungary for 10 years, providing low-cost but high-quality opportunities.

Movies made here: Eichmann, Titanic (mini-series), Nutcracker in 3D



Mafilm Studios:

Mafilm Studios had the biggest influence on the Hungarian movie history. The studio was opened again after some developments realized in the past few years.

Movies made here: Eragon, I Spy, Napoleon, Cyrano, Being Julia




  • New York/street (Korda Studios)
  • Medieval village 1. (Mafilm Studios)
  • Medieval village 2. (Korda Studios)
  • Renaissance town (Korda Studios)
  • military camp (Mafilm Studios)
  • old London (Mafilm Studios)
  • old Nazareth (Mafilm Studios)

Western (Mafilm Studios)