Not only an appropriate financial background is needed for shooting a movie. Without ideal, attractive locations where it is easy to shoot no matter if the needed budget for the movie is available; the viewers won’t get a full experience, which can affect the future profits.

For a foreign movie production company it’s necessary the destination country to have everything that is needed for filming , to make the production company be able to shoot the movie without a lot of or any moving in the given city/country and without the need to looking for a less appropriate opportunity.

In the past few decades Budapest and Hungary were used in many movies: Hungary as France, the UK, Germany, Croatia, Italy and Budapest as Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow, Prague, London, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and even New York.


The colorful region and capital provides unique opportunities for foreign movie production companies. And if they still have to build a set after all, in the studios providing Western comfort and quality with the help of the talented Hungarian setting team almost everything can be built (they built a Thracian town in Hercules, a British town in World Without End and the headquarters of the golden army in Hellboy II).

If you are looking for a shooting location, don’t hesitate to ask for our help: we will find you the best possible variations for your script.